The elephant-Horn


The Kuhlohorn, created by Johannes Kuhlo at the beginning of the twentieth century, found many enthusiastic followers, especially in the course of the trombone choir movement.

Unfortunately, however, the euphoria against this very aesthetic flugelhorn instrument did not last very long. The main reason was the tuning problem of the Kuhlohorn.

When I founded the band STUBENJAZZ in 2005, it was clear from the beginning that I wanted to use this instrument in the band for both sound and aesthetic reasons. Fritz Lüttke was immediately enthusiastic about my idea to build a completely revised, tuning Kuhlohorn. After a long development period, we have now succeeded in presenting a three- and four-valve, very good-tuning ELEPHANT-HORN. Since we took over a lot of design elements from our successful ELEPHANT TROMPETE and completely reworked the shape, it was only logical that the Kuhlohorn became an ELEPHANT HORN.

We are particularly pleased that our ELEPHANT-HORN has also found the way back to many trombone choirs, in addition to its various musical uses.

Michael T. Otto



Screwable mouthpiece-booster, available for flugelhorn-mouthpiece with german (10mm) or american (9mm) shank. Also available for small shank trombone mouthpieces.


Bore: 10,5mm (0.41”), 4th Valve 11mm (0.43”). Brass finger-buttons, available with clean surface or black stone inlays. Heavy caps available in light, medium and heavy. 3rd slide trigger.


One-piece hand-hammered brass bell, lead-bended, bell-diameter 150mm (5.9“)


Glass bead blasted in raw-brass or silver-plated.