The flugelhorn


A unique, innovative design,
smooth sound, perfect intonation and speech, highest craftsmanship!

I am usually very careful with superlatives. With our ELEPHANT-FLUGEL, however, these attributes hit the bull’s-eye.

The ELEPHANT-FLUG is the result of years of intensive collaboration between Fritz Lüttke and me. Many of the experiences we gathered during the construction of the ELEPHANT TROMPETE and the ELEPHANT-HORN are part of the creative process of developing the ELEPHANT-FLOW.

The result is more than satisfying for us all, the ELEPHANT-FLU GEL is an all-round perfect instrument.

I am sure that our ELEPHANT-FLUGEL will take its place – especially as a soloist – in all styles of music.

Michael T. Otto



Bore 11,5 mm (0.453”), brass valve-cases with stainless steel valves, 5high top caps, wood or brass bottom caps available in light, medium and heavy, brass finger-buttons available with clean surface, black stone inlays or wood inlays, trigger on third valve.


One-piece hand-hammered brass bell, lead-bended, bell-diameter 170mm (6,7“).


Convertible mouthpiece-booster made of brass or wood. Large taper.


Glass bead blasted in raw-brass or silver-plated.