Sichtbar, spürbar, hörbar anders

The Idea


An exceptional instrument

My basic idea about the elephant was to create a trumpet, which is completely different from all the others. It should become a unique and exceptional instrument, which is acoustically and optically unusual.

Because of the huge number of different trumpets in the market, this was definitely a bold venture.

In addition to the innovative design, the elephant trumpet satisfies the listener with its full and “earthy” sound. The use of differently weighted valve-caps and mouthpiece-boosters allows for an individual adaptation of the elephant for any type of trumpet player.

It is also fascinating that the elephant is suitable for any musical style. I tested the elephant amongst others in a symphonic orchestra and in several jazz-combos. In all instrumentations the elephant was convincing and it was an eye-catcher for the musicians and for the audience every time.

Michael T. Otto